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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are   

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Training immersion therapy bridging the gap of disconnect.

Full day of taking care of yourself. When you lose connection to your inner nature and outer nature awareness, your intimate relationship suffers deeply or is non-existent. Many couples aTrainingnd families just get by on a few social and spiritual rules that hold them separate from ultimate connection. The disconnect often is part of the reason people fall ill or suffer from emotional and mental issues. This creates distance in your intimate relationships. We are not designed to live in isolation from the nature we are born into. Education sets us up for living in a world created for financial success and even some physical health. All the physical elements are there. Because you are physically participating in every aspect of life does not mean that you are connecting to what you are participating in. Eventually this disconnect begins to show up in your physical health but goes unnoticed until it begins to create damage.

Understanding connection Training bringing nature of awareness in everything we do.

In these videos as we take a student of life to get real with his awareness to nature.

Full day of taking care of yourself is a new level of awareness training. Bringing all of you together to the event. Your soul, spirit, emotions and body are connecting to every moment. When you do that; nature begins to speak to you just like ancient principals undertaken by indigenous cultures.


Living life not preparing for life.

Prepare to meet with what you never considered to be possible for you.

In this training you discover living spontaneously. Not thinking then planning then doing. That process is cumbersome. This is the reason most people often never even start let alone finish what they say they want to do. It is not their fault. Until you experience this level of training your consciousness does not have reference to what that dream feels like. All thoughts must be combined with action, feeling and emotion. Together they experience being present and in the moment. Only when you are in the moment do you feel free.


Connection - beyond robotic mode - full time training.

To make sense of this; Any new desire requires cooperation from physical mental and emotional bodies. If only one of the bodies is involved; then the desire is too big for just that body to be expressed. This is why we have all these bodies. Reason people have difficulty is that most teaching and learning only involves the mind. We are told to think harder. That is fine for people who are predominantly in the mind. They may even excel in the mind department. But are very likely to fall apart in relationships. No matter what you do; whether it's mental, physical, emotional; you need all the other aspects of you to be part of the process. Genius is experienced when we tap into that unseen force.

Beyond shadow work - beyond inner child work. Understanding unresolved feelings and what to do when they run your life.
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