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Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are    

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Mission Statement.

I'm dedicated to building relationships in every area of our lives is mOur approachy focus. The best way to describe me is my life journey of Self exploration that is expressed by the work I do. Most of us express through our daily habits. In our workplace is where we spend considerable amount of time. It is there that who we really are shows up. Who we are either shines or it is very dim. Finding passion in what we do every day is the place to begin. For me that was in the way of project coordination as part of my interior design work where I connected with people in every trade and profession.

Impressions that last.

These connections made a considerable impression and impact on everyone who I connected with throughout the day. Then I moved into the health and healing there I experienced within myself and my clients that deeper foundation of everyday living. Something very profound was still missing, focussing on health alone is not a complete system. For full program enter here.
When I combined my project coordination skills, the design skills along with 
personal development health and spirituality that produced remarkable transformation in my clients and naturally as they benefited so did I.


The most significant difference I've experienced is the collaboration and coordination that has been missing in every profession that is encompassing all as nature does. Nature is not in competition, it is in inclusion, (nature includes all) before we began to modify it. Humans interfered by separating nature from itself.

Spirituality & Nature.

Greatest spiritual teachers have their students study nature. In nature everything co-exists as essential companions to one another. Rarely do we find fields of sameness in nature. Amongst the trees, plants, animals, birds, streams, rivers, waterfalls is a world of wonder every element is connected. The bugs the soil the water the animals and each plant are interdependent. It is this that I bring to your private therapy, lifestyle support and workshops.

Aware people are as diverse as the world of nature.

When people gather often there is a tendency to try and be the same - that cannot possibly happen, each one of us has a unique element that connects us to the life we were born to live. Feelings of connectedness and belonging we experience and express initially through touch in every workshop and private appointment.

I love people who make a definable difference to the lives of others therefore I ensured that I sought the influence of people who matter.

I was Anthony Robbins (Tony Robbins is an international peak performance coach) personal support therapist . He flew me to his Island Savu Savu to his resort Namale offering me 12 months contract to travel with him as part of his team. My other mentors are Robert Kioysaki, Jim Rohn, Sir John Whitman Ray ( a remarkable healer) Abraham - Kahuna master, Bryce Courtney and many other accomplished writers and life coaches.