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Unsupportive relationships and how they affect your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Identify energies that are constantly interfering with your progress. Unsupportive relationshipsHow often do you seem to take a step forward only to find again you are up to ten steps back. Your energy is drained. Perhaps you have a diagnosis of a disease, or constantly inviting unsupportive relationships. For example; I spoke to a couple a few days ago in new relationship. The woman actually shared with me that it took her 18 months to be permitted to take out her sewing machine. She love to dance. Her partner dances with her. She makes her own costumes. Until the man agreed to the sewing machine, she had to make the costumes in another location.

This clearly is a self defeating relationship. There is no growth. It is a way of resistance. To stay in that relationship shows desperation of needing a relationship at any cost. This shuts down the senses. Creates disconnect and disengagement with the  soul. The whole thing is a farce.  

When your partner, your friend makes you wait for something that is meaningful, this is a sign of unsupportive relationships. Unsupportive relationships are ones that talk and give you advice. If the advice given does not come with personal experience or access to a person who has the personal experience, that advice is useless. What that person is doing is sending you away from them. That is the time to move on to finding people who actually know and do what you dream of doing. It does not mean you must break all contact from these people. Just realise they do not know what they are talking about and cannot help you in that endeavour. Ask someone else and keep asking till you get the answer that actually delivers physical results.

Why we accept advice without checking the source is because we have been conditioned through schooling. Most teaching is theory. It is only when you get a job that you get to put the theory into practice. This system plays in the background of most relationships. This is why most people remain content in staying put. It takes action outside of conditioned knowledge to give life to a relationship.

Many people have a history of unsupportive relationships from childhood. Sexual abuse is an extreme example of unsupportive relationships. Most sexually abused children are targeted because the family structure is compromised. Often they are already abused mentally, emotionally and physically. The child is less likely to tell a parent or any person because they know deep within their soul that they will not be heard. They are not solution focussed. They tend to seek blame and punishment. Learn traits of supportive relationships. Seems simple but when you have been raised in an unsupportive relationship family you do not have the experience of the beauty supportive relationships bring.