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Kundalini is Cosmic Energy Intended to Merge with Your Pineal Gland.

This merging is only possible when we bring our awareness to the fact. Just blindly directing Kundalini up the body is a dangerous journey I see people undertake all over You Tube. Our Pineal Gland is about the size of a grain of rice. But like a computer chip, it holds all the universal wisdom when we approach it with care and respect. People have a tendency to approach Kundalini and the Pineal gland in a similar way they would walk into a supermarket. They want to take off the shelf, pay for it and consume it.

Our Kundalini, on it's journey to the pineal gland, passes through the central chanKundalini Firenel. But your body needs preparation to permit that to travel without resistance. At times the Kundalini will engage other energies along it's root. Nothing happens in your body without cooperation and collaboration with all your other systems.

People who experienced sexual abuse or childhood trauma continue to remain vulnerable to promises of Kundalini awakening therapies. Make sure your therapist is not a Tantric Sex coach. Because that will take you in the wrong direction. Kundalini and sexual awakening are superficial examples of Kundalini. There is a great deal of confusion all over the internet. If you type in Kundalini you see it come up in relation to sex. The feeling is actually vastly different. When you have sex there is another person inside your body. They cannot trigger true Kundalini awakening. It is just sex. While you attach these thought, your Kundalini will rise. It will be an illusion, and ego trip.


In This video a man shares his realisation after his Kundalini Awakening.

Kundalini therapy is the uncovering your true nature. That pure being beneath all the programming. Higher consciousness open new levels of awareness. What you have read about Kundalini and sexual energy is of the lower consciousness. This is where most of the world still is. Awakening the Kundalini is dangerous for the lower consciousness state.

When the mind is dull, we need specific preparation so the body allows itself to participate safely. It's not something you demand. Bringing the body mind peace is prerequisite of Kundalini awakening. These two videos share two different experiences.