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Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are    

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Free relationship video training - prepares you for our level of services. These are essential viewing prior to calling.

What if you could get your message across easier. With so much time freed up; what would you do with that extra time.

At the end of the session we wrap up on the most relevant points. These videos are 1minute to 3 minutes long.

I've put together a play list here. Just let that run. The videos will continue to follow in order listed below. I hope the list of videos are in the same order below.

Video 1. This one is on clear communication. When communication is clean - emotions remain calm and life moves forward.

Video 2. Is about forming a loving relationships with yourself.

Video 3 Defining where we are going. This determines the direction we take. Clarity creates massive progress. When we know where we a going; we then enjoy and cooperate on the journey.

Video 4. Taking care of your body. Begin by being present with everything you do. 

Video 5. You are attracted to what you value
Video 6. Treat what you love as irreplaceable. Do whatever it takes.

Video 7. Helps you understand the power and longevity of joy and the fleeting elements of pleasure. This is by a very inspiring spiritual teacher speaking with a psychologist on the nature of pleasure.