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Articles on how your thoughts feelings and emotions affect every area of your life.

Our biggest challenges in relationships come when we feel the disconnect. By then it's almost impossible to find the right solution. This is where these articles will be most helpful.

Articles on thoughts feelings and emotions

They provide an insight into a world you may not have even considered until now. At that time all we want is healing from the deep emotional pain. Our mind and emotions are deeply confused that often we are shut down from our own body. The pain so great that this causes us to retreat into the mind so as not to feel. This not feeling state is a safe place to be til you find a safe place to feel.

These Articles open your heart and mind help you understand deeper meaning of feelings emotions and thought.

In these articles we bring the ancient teaching that have taken a back seat to technology. On the way we have become accustomed to virtual living. Having virtual friends on line have become a safe place to escape. No matter how many virtual friends you have - you do not feel safe to be you. The virtual world sucks us into a funnel of the most popular trend. Like ants to a honey pot everyone forms a line to that source of sweetness. Nothing wrong with honey. It becomes a problem when that becomes the only form of nourishment. In these articles we reintroduce the ancient principals that have kept the indigenous people focused on being present with all universal spirits. Indigenous cultures were able to read the messages the universe sent them and take action.

In current society people have lost the ability to take action. Most thoughts remain as thoughts - never going beyond ideas.

ArticlesPhysical experiences are often just imagined. These imaginations are felt as physical experiences but without actually participating in them. Because most people feel separate. We need a community. At the very least a trusted partner with whom you can participate in that idea to bring about a physical result. These articles are designed to bring awareness to choosing a partner in life who wants to bring the two minds emotions and bodies to create the dreams. Who is looking after you?

Your current partner most likely has a dream they want to live and want to share with you.

But they may not know anymore than you do; how to bring that up. We are not taught this level of communication in our upbringing. When we begin a conversation that is outside the boundaries most families have set up as standard; at first you may experience tremendous resistance. This is normal. But when you begin to take the physical steps of the thoughts and feelings; this experience is like tasting new food possibly even from different cultures. At first you may have a perception of the taste. It is only when you put into your mouth and begin to connect to the different flavours that you begin to appreciate that dish and the interactions of the flavours. Until you actually eat it is only a judgement and not a reality. Life is exactly like expanding your variety of foods. Letting go of the notion of what you like or dislike. What you like is not even you; it's the conditioning and the reactions filtered through past experiences and social programming.

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