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Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are    

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Total package - bringing it together to living fully with no effort. 

How can we live with no effort yet grow and explore rapidly like you did when you were a baby and toddler.

When you watch a baby first try to lift it's head, there is no effort. When baby begins to crawl; there is no effort. Yes they fall, get hurt; but do it again. They try sitting up a few times and fall down; again they get up.

What if your journey in life is this smooth and interesting. But on the way through school and adulthood; we lost the gentleness of being. The wonder of exploring who we are.

Can we find this creative joy of living? To do that we need to feel intensely. give our minds and heart completely.

To touch that place of passion in your life we need a total revolution in our whole being;

  • Become extraordinary perceptive.
  • Sensitive rather than reactive.
  • Become Highly Developed Inwardly that brings about true action.
  • Uncover strong feelings of passion, anger, love and feel them deep play out within you
  • Stop shallow search for fleeting pleasures.
  • Develop the vitality of strong feelings that transform your life completely.
  • Stop the superficial hugging lovey dovy expressions to conforming to new age meaninglessness.
  • Stop letting people exploiting you.
  • Put an end to repetitive behaviour that destroys deep meaning in your life.
  • Addictive behaviors develop when you have suppressed feelings.
  • Let hate and frustrations drop away naturally.
  • Heal past betrayals.
  • Let go of guilt of betraying another. No one is perfect.
  • Stop being satisfied with the superficial and mundane. They are soul destroying.

This Total Package Brings Extraordinary Feelings of love that are sensuous and divine.

  • Bring INNER PEACE into your life.  
  • Bring peace for every day living. 
  • Establish a secure place in your heart and in your life. 
  • Our intention is to help you create a life that you can truly be proud of. 
  • A life your family and friends can be proud of associating with. 

"We begin by assessing the severity of your situation that lead to specific requirements. this shall influence the duration and frequency of your appointments."

Our approach is perfect for people who feel they must make changes, or nothing works without your commitment to uncovering true you.

We are committed to supporting you in improving your life. The videos featured within this site are examples of how we treat you as whole person.

The power of energies that are inside you are shared within this video.


This even I would not have known had it not been for visiting a friend. As this has been my commitment to discovering more about what I can do I am just as committed in bringing these energies in for you.

  1. When you have had enough of being treated as something to be fixed.    
  2. When you want to fully express and explore your own life.    
  3. Living life rather than preparing for life.    
  4. This is critical for those who's had enough of being manipulated to fit into some form or normal expression.    
  5. Great for sporting people like one of our clients here.    
  6. CEO's, everyday mum or dad who needs deeper insight into there life.    

Whether you are separated from your family or within a family unit, total package is completely personalised to your circumstances.


In therapy we have come to expect and even accept authoritarian manipulative approachTotal package - bringing it together. We help you to uncover your purpose and support you all the way to bring your purpose to life. 

We focus of working with whole person so you become aware of what is going on behind the scenes.

"Our intention is to have you experience self realisation and self actualisation.

  • Activate openness to learning
    new things abut life and about yourself 
  • Support you in healing intimate relationships  
  • Provide you with tools to form healthy associations.  
  • This is a life re-creation programme  
  • Identify your fragile areas  
  • Identify your strengths  
  • Develop pathways to supporting your personal identity because you ultimately seek to live your life fully and independently of our work.  
  • Support you in integrating what you have learned into your life.  
  • Develop attitude of receptiveness  
  • Uncover new feelings that help you make better choices  
  • Discover your inner world  
  • Support you in healing your relationships  
  • Make room for new ways of living easily  

We approach this like we would a toddler who is exploring, learning to crawl or walk. Once you have established a safe place of love and support. 

It's best not to recommend or suggest; (you do not do that to a baby, therefore when accessing new aspects of you, we treat learning from this safe vantage point. This accelerates your progress and keeps things fresh) but to follow and observe. The child senses your patience and support. It's best observed as they become confident with their environment.

Freedom to be you.

Begin to deal with physical and emotional issues inclusive of

  • Where you are living out of alignment of relationships   
  • Identify your struggles and turn that around.
  • Take effective action   
  • Have tools to your when you need them   
  • Deal with exhaustion   
  • Address grief, sadness   
  • Understand trauma and go beyond this trauma simultaneously. (not analyse through re-living your traumas but accessing your strengths that have been suppressed by traumas)   


Your energy wants this freedom. Reality is that you have been conditioned to control your energy. Shifting from controlling your energy to listening to it's wisdom is a new concept when you first meet it. Total package helps you understand and hear the language of the wisdom that your cells are always ready to share.

Total package brings it all together. The energy you feel in your body seeks expression in real life.

This video above demonstrates the power of convergence of energies a byproduct of connecting to all of you in your body.


Energy is the weaving that continues to flow 24/7. This energy is original you who came to this planet to grow and express itself every moment. Total package takes you trough full day expression of this energy you have uncovered.


They love to collaborate and coordinate. We have been conditioned to just be told what to do from a source outside ourselves. This level of freedom needs a period of adjustment.


This video introduces you to how cells communicate. What you hear my clients describe begins to make sense when you listen to the scientific discoveries along with client experiences throughout this site. It is beyond physical action. For you, these are aspects of you that begin to reveal themselves.

Deep personal issues are always at the core of intimate and business relationships. The only this can work is by personalising this total package incorporating health, nutrition, stress management, business applications that are reflect in cells of your body. When the body is divided everything is distorted. We bring unity to your life. 

Every person receives completely personalised approach. Whether it's just one appointment or a series of appointments.

Or intensive make over that continues as long as it takes. For this reason there are a number of different videos representing different aspects of coaching and therapy. Connection to your natural rhythm is foundation of total package. Your natural is a silence that is so loud that it sounds like the universe is speaking to you. In the silence you find you. You hear you answers when everyone stops poking at you. We are conditioned to being ordered around but do not recognise it as that. When you begin to hear the language of your cells, only then do you begin to recognise how much of you has been suppressed and silenced in an effort to have us conform to social demands. In conforming you lose all of you. When you have all of you - you are a valuable participant in your relationship.

Video 1.    We review his training; at one point you see him unable to recognise the difference of his energy within the video we are replaying; then he recognises it. Se how that recognition affects him. We all go unconscious of what we have learned and the feelings. This approach retrains him to pay attention.

This first video is part of a week of connection client training as lifestyle make over. We reviewed his previous video as we video this one. He took a moment to recognise differences in his energy. Then he gets it. Take a look at his face when recognises the difference. His issue - like it is for many people - is being too much in the head.  
Video 2. of his. A realisation of the soul being around the body. You are living within your own soul but do not know anything about your body or your soul. How to be one with your own is first level of mastery.   
Video 3. Here a woman shares her personal shift. Have a listen to what she has to share.   

This video takes you into real life; elements of betrayal, being betrayed and pain separation. Search for solutions and resolution to love again.

Video 4. Is illustrative of individual session; will probably be representative of most peoples lives. It has all the components of betrayal, being betrayed. Injuries, relationship breakdowns. Relocating. Having to deal with estranged wife or husband because of a child. This first video is a week of connection client training as lifestyle make over. We reviewed his previous video to ensure he remembered the feeling. His issue - like it is for many people - is being too much in the head. In this video we covered depression anxiety and blossoming new love.

For the total package to work; I always asked this question. "Do you want to heal what you want to live?" The answer to this question is in this video.
At some stage in our lives will experience difficulties challenges and questions we don't have an answer to. Makes it difficult to see outside of the struggle because we too close to it. And also because we have limited resources due to traumas and pressures that interfere with our ability to see beyond the drama.  

And what a new life we need to bring it to life in a total package. The main video at the top of each page, will serve as a really good guide to the support you can receive.

  • Bringing it to life.  
  • Food.  
  • Relaxation.    
  • Stress Management.    

Taking care of your entire life.  

  • Taking care of your spirit body.  
  • Powerful Meditation.  
  • Kundalini Yoga.   
  • Sexual Transmutation.  
  • Tantric Living.  
  • Retreats.  
  • Daily practices.   

Every living thing and everyone's life begins as a seed.    

The seed is identifying what you want to be. Like planting raspberries of carrots. First you need to put in the right seed. If you plant raspberries but you want carrots. When the seed becomes a plant, no matter how beautiful and nourishing - you will not appreciate it. It's even possible you won't even take care of it. Because you wanted carrots but what is growing is raspberry. Life is the same. In this video -watch as we talk about a vision board. How to define what you want. Make sure you do not waste your energy another moment. 

Without inner merging there is no life. Our Total Package takes you from seed to magnificent Oak. 

Reignite your Relationship as a couple; discover where you are struggling in relationships. Deeper exploration is designed for higher consciousness awareness. For you who want to feel safer for longer period Open heart retreat is deeper commitment to your physical mental spiritual wellbeing.