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  16th October 2016 
Unresolved Feelings 

"Turn painful feelings into healing" 

By: TJ Powers 
The ancient texts. The secrets they hold for healing unresolved feelings for healthy happy relationships.

When the three become One. When we allow the three to become one without judgement; healing of unresolved feelings is able to enter. 

Unresolved Feelings how Ancient Prophecies are gifts to humanity through the messages encoded in ancient texts and in your every thought.

These messages are also encoded within our DNA. Every thought you have, every action you take affects you and the people around you.

Unresolved feelings

Like ocean waves that begin thousands of kilometers away extensions of our senses extend way beyond our bodies. There is force within us that lives waiting to be experienced and expressed. The only way you can have expanded feelings of consciousness is to allow yourself to feel your soul and your spirit.

Gregg Braden (former NASSAU scientist in his book "Walking Between the Worlds" writes about the merging of the three personal elements of the human being. When these elements merge; actual changes are felt within the body mind and emotion.

His writings reflect our clients experiences. In his writings he brings his own research to the capability of everyday human. His search took him across the globe to monasteries and sacred sites. He speaks about the three elements that must come together for changes to occur;

  • Thought
  • Feeling
  • Emotion

When these elements merge it is then that you are available for the healing of unresolved feelings.

The Ancient Essenes that every human lives in three worlds. When they converge without judgement, a feeling of oneness is experienced. Once you experience that you know the feeling that you can have when you are living as a complete conscious being.

The question is why are we judging ourselves and seeking therapies that raise these unresolved feelings with intent to analyse them. When you begin to analyse unresolved feelings and give them meaning purely from the perspective of thought, they imbed themselves even deeper into the cellular memory. That process creates unconsciousness while leaving the programming running in the background. Anytime a person gets out of their comfort zone; those feeling come to the surface recreating cycle of disconnect. Analysing acts as a pain killer. It does not heal, it masks the pain so you do not feel it.

When you hold the space of that unresolved feeling while allowing emotion and thought come together; your body responds as one. The healing comes from allowing us to feel whatever is going on in real time. Not a moment after - but at that very moment. To embrace that feeling; not from the perspective of the inner child - because that would be division. But from the place on non judgement. The moment we judge or analyse we step outside the feeling. When you step outside that feeling - common sense tells us that you cannot feel when you are separate.

The greatest fear every human has is being present with him/herself
because that is not the world that we grow up in. We are in this artificial world that decides what we feel and what we do every moment of the day. Even in private time; when you are home where you can be yourself; through programming you continue to live the program currently installed in your DNA. In Sanskrit there is a word for the energy body that is PRANA. in English there is no single word for the energy body, in-fact in general society there is not even an acknowledgement of the energy body that is immediately available to every individual any time all day every day.