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Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are    

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What is Concepts Connection? It is the art of Living Consciously in the PreseWhat is Conceptsnt. Living consciously restores free will.

I landed my dream job that had me sell project creations. Once secured I managed the entire process from planning to completion of millions of dollars worth of projects. This was rewarding in a way I would never have imagined. My social life evolved to being around people of substance.

They were respectful and extraordinarily generous.

However in the background of all this was my marriage that I left and my three children. Career is easy. Private emotional challenges are what bring us down. So continued to search for true meaning for ways to relating with family. This was to make sense of my failed relationship and desire for better communication with my children and ex husband. My search for knowledge took me across the world to ashram's, wild rapids and ancient cultures.The r eality I came away with is that if we apply to our personal life, ethical business principals, we would all have successful relationships and happy families and friends.

We have abandoned our dreams by conforming to systems set up by society and others who wish to control us. In this video, a trainee shares his experience and why applied for the training. He also shares the changes he's experienced.

Conforming to someone else's idea of how you should live blocks your path to your dreams by cutting off your connection to what would truly fulfill you. When senses other than the five physical senses are restored we Regain Focus and Momentum by merging with our Soulular energies.

      Client shares his experience as the Highest level of personal development, "I've been on personal development path since I was 12, this is the highest level of personal development I've experienced" more in the recording have a listen. This is what you could feel.

Remove the invisible bars that prevent you from connecting and understanding how we waste our sexual energy and transmutation into productive sensual energy. This sensual energy pulses all day with earth rhythm. At Concepts Private appointments and training's, you'll gain a clear and deep understanding of how you feel, think and behave the way you do. You'll be able to take control of the forces previously unexplored. Our approach to Sexual energy is powerful and proven to be transformative. The concept of Tantra is spontaneity that is graceful and fluid. What is concepts value to you? It is pure consciousness that connects us to our self acceptance. Understanding ofprocess of what is concepts for living connected. People have become dissassociated and disconnected from our planet and our soul. connection brings the body to be perfectly in tune with it's worldly and spiritual desires.

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