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What Makes Relationships Great.

We help with miscommunication in families, intimate partnerships and work space relationships. The common denominator in every area of life is you. You are there. Therefore we address what it is that is blocking you from advancing in creating quality relationships.

First step to understanding what makes What Makes Relationships Greatrelationships great is to experiencing the feeling that great relationships create.

Before we can appreciate what makes relationships great; first we must address unsupportive relationships. This is most likely where you are at the moment but do not recognise that as the most damaging environment you are living within daily. Without getting to esoteric; lets look at the function of the base chakra. In is an energy field that affects how we think. Base chakra is also affected by how we think and what we do. When we change what we do the base chakra frequency shifts from survival mode to creative function. When the creative function you begin to participate in energy that opens you to developing thought patterns and actions towards what makes relationships great.

Taking action immediately is what makes relationships great.

What Makes Relationships Great

Most people get stuck in just sharing ideas and thoughts and expressing themselves. They feel they want to be heard.

Reality is that if you don't know what to do about it then you have wasted your energy.

What Makes Relationships Great

Communication is at the heart of great relationships. Often people get stuck in explaining over and over again but not getting a physical result out of that. This creates misunderstanding by the person listening regardless of how well they reply.

The secret to discovering what makes relationships great is in actually putting these words into action. Not be afraid if the result is not perfect. Not give up on first try. And most of all not accept first result. When you begin to take action this demonstrates the level of connectedness you have to the person you are sharing your deepest desires with. When you begin to make that a physical reality; you feel the level of commitment you have to believing the words you are saying. If your partner continues to remain absent and disengaged from participating in making this reality; then you know this relationship has no capacity to grow. If your relationship is not growing - it is dying. Anything that does not grow - dies.

How does your partner support you and what does this look like?

Most people have grown up in a family situation where there were individuated. Learning what it takes to connect is a skill. It is the best opportunity to identify with new reality. When you live and engage in a new reality that is 100% supportive; all fear disappears.

The base chakra is chakra of survival. When you are trapped in that energy you fall into the trap of basing relationships on sex. These relationships are based on co-dependence and compromise.

What Makes Relationships Great

When you are ready to connect to your entire being you would never seek out tantric sex services that limit you to base chakra de-armouring. Linking base chakra with heart chakra is not possible unless the entire flow is first established.

What Makes Relationships Great

When this chakra is flowing freely with the rest of the chakras; this connects you to universal pulse that is vast flow of Schumann resonances.

Then there is no division. The very act of linking suggest separation.

When you link at such distance, the link is fragile. That link is so unstable that you can be catapulted into a dimension you never thought you would engage with. For example sexting and thinking that is appropriate because up to 50% of people are doing it. Or engaging in tantric sex with tantric worker because others are saying it's spiritual answer. Action that can permanently displace you from your sacred divine journey and trap you in a way of life inappropriate behavior. In that disengaged space you would be happy, because you are unaware of your actions. Consciousness is subject to your unconscious actions and programming. Consciousness can only see what it has been conditioned to seeing. Wisdom is awareness of the actions of consciousness and the ability to take appropriate action to change current consciousness programming. This is what makes relationships great.