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My most memorable relationships that keep me going between challenges. Let's begin with personal relationships.

Clearly this is what interests you in Tantric Power of Love. My most memorable relationship I've ever experienced was with a courageous man who was willing to follow his feelings. Tantric Power of Love
I met him while out at a Night Club with friends, he was up on business, his company (he owned the development company) had their offices on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne. At the time they were setting up Gold Coast as well as introducing the Gold Coast Manager to his new position.
His returning to Melbourne the following night was critical, we had an instant attraction, making the most of that evening. The following evening after Five Star dinner I drove him to the airport. We were on time. As we said goodbye, we hugged and kissed, he said he'll be back in two weeks.

I watched as he boarded the plane. I watched as he walked up the stairs, stepped into the plane. I even waited till he was seated. I could see that through the window of the plane. Then I drove back home choosing to stay in with friends.      

To my surprise half hour later there was a knock at the front door. Here stood my man. Yes the man Tantric Power of LoveI left at the airport.

"I missed my plane" he said. (I know he did not miss it, I was there, my feelings for him were so strong that I felt him leaving by plane but not in his heart.I missed my plane for you)

In his hand was a fabulous bottle of champagne.

For an average worker missing the plane back to work is an easy thing to do. However. When you have a company with millions of dollars at stake, that takes some thought, and a great excuse not to feel those most important feeling that do make the man a success'.

Our Journey of personal creation of Tantric Power of Love that unfolded even when we were apart.

We continued to enjoy the rest of that evening and many more years that followed. He lived in Melbourne for two weeks and on the Gold Coast approximately 2 weeks. We shared every moment together. I worked full time as an interior designer project co-ordinator business consultant liaising with every trade and supplier one would need to complete projects worth millions of dollars every month, deadlines were critical, working often from 6am till 9pm (when in town he often had to collect me from my office for our date at times waiting till I completed my project to my satisfaction) and his business took up every waking hour.

My most Memorable Relationships 

Every evening it was dinner with business associates, I was always by his side.

My most Memorable Relationships

This is critical information the reason for this connection shall become obvious with addition of more pages. We were available for one another, when he had site meetings after hours, I was there with him, when he dined with his business partner and their business connections I was there with him also, these were successful business people who valued their women, they chose their life partners to be there by their sides, and this is what empowered them.

Tantric Power of Love has no boundaries.

We were also available for one another despite often living and working thousands of kilometers apart. Whenever I thought of him, he would sense that and I would receive a phone call from him, saying, that he thought of me at the exact same time. Read Sexual Transmutation page here for insight into the power of sexual energies. Remember we were both very busy people, but because we were there for one another, time did not exist, it just flowed. When he travelled back to Melbourne regularly spending two weeks there and two weeks here. While he was away I spent time with his friend and a business associate who also spoiled me. My great love did not play any typical jealousy games neither did his friend or their business associates. I was well taken care of, and never left alone unless that was my preference. Every man and woman can allow themselves to feel this level of self esteem and love that does not possess. Love that supports, lives, and is always available.

My most Memorable Relationships

Have you ever dared to care about who you spend your time with? Do you know if the people you chose to be with are they by your side?

My most Memorable Relationships

Tantric Power of Love is communication of cellular connection.

This is very important, because we tend to treat one another as a commodity as a nobody, I won't tolerate that. Tantra does not tolerate that. Tantra won't come to the party, unless both of us communicate on this level of beauty, that even if it is (just) an appointment between you and I. Treat me as a great friend that I am for the time you are here with me and for the time you and I are on the phone. Have you ever allowed your feeling to how to this extent? us; makes us, our days and our lives powerful. We were also available for one another when we were thousands of kilometres apart: whenever I thought of him he would sense that and I would receive a phone call from him saying that he thought of me at that exact same time. Even though we were both very busy people, because we were there for one another, time did not exist, it just flowed. We were truly connected. Have you ever dared to care this much about who you spend your time with?

Do you know if the people you chose to be with are truly on your side?

Have you ever allowed your feeling to show to this extent? Would you like to discover this level of connection for yourself? Following my experience in interior design, project coordination, sales,

 My most Memorable Relationships

I then studied Health. I was successful in applying for a position in one of the most prestigious of health retreats.

My most Memorable Relationships

marketing, and music I moved on to inner exploration.

I then studied Health - I was successful in applying for a position in one of the most prestigious of health retreats. While there I was drawn to Robert Kiyosaki work and training that he held in Sydney regularly at that time, then he expanded to Brisbane and Melbourne with advance training events held in Adelaide. I also flew to Adelaide. With him I travelled to Melbourne and Brisbane as his support team while he presented his Seminars.

Soon after that I met Tony Robbins, he actually pulled me out of the audience for one of his on stage demonstrations. The following year I volunteered for his next event that was when he discovered my skills as the word spread around the support staff. At the end of that event I was called to his hotel suite, then and there he organized my flight to Fiji to his resort as his guest where I joined him and his team. I was privileged to dine with him at every meal, hang out around the pool, we attended the little church with the native residents on the island, then I Tony and his core support team went snorkelling on his other island ( went there by boat). In the evening we walked to the blow hole on his island as Tony told his stories about the blow hole adventures he and his wife

My most Memorable Relationships 

Next to my life experience I offer lifestyle enhancement, body coaching & success in every area of your life.

My most Memorable Relationships

experienced while we walked. The magic of right connections are my core influences.

 As well as massage (holding many certificates and diplomas), also Kahuna massage, and Shamanic healing.  and Tantra philosophy as applied by the North American Indians as well as Taoist monks. 

Uncover this level of pleasure and desire by personalising your experiences and my knowledge of Tantric Power of Love.

My background is interior design, project coordination, sales and marketing, as well as music. I studied classical music, love the best of everything, and I reached all that on my own. Followed by studying health then subsequently working in the most prestigious Health Retreats. So, no matter where you are in life, you can satisfy quality and aim to -embrace it. Maintain higher standards in every area of your life, especially your feelings. Through feelings anything can be reached.

Don't settle for less than what you dreamed of.

Sadly for us, as time went by, we learned to compromise and piece by piece gave ourselves up to mediocrity, we began to compensate. We are taught that compromise is good

What if you never compromised, never accepted compromise?

What if there was another way that was always kept hidden from you?

What if you always received what you asked for, and always gave or made available what your friends and partner or friend asked fork. What if you always found a way. Where would your life be now.

Ask for more than you believe to be possible, I did. No one in my family ever did, I moved on to a far more fulfilling life.

First we need to know what is available to us, and to ask for more than we were conditioned to believe possible for us. Real Tantra delivers consistent satisfaction and connection to what you love in your life. This is about my experience, would you love your desires in life be as available to you.

Total experience.

To truly do Tantra massage justice it is critical to know it's beginnings. Tantra is about experiencing joy in every aspect or life that no ordinary person can possibly take you. However once you have had a total experience, this can definitely be passed on to your partner without the complications of techniques.