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Freedom from fear. Explore the meaning of what freedom is.

We live in constant state of conflict when seeking the principals of pleasure to escape fear. There is always a struggle for attaining something. When you do that you are not flowing with life.


Deep inside there is often a sense of emptiness as we seek;

  • Freedom from fear of being in wrong relationship.
  • Freedom from fear of being alone and deep intimacy.
  • Freedom from fear of missing out on pleasures of life.
  • Freedom from fear of not having desires and dreams met.
  • Freedom from fear of facing the truth beneath the resistance.
  • Freedom from fear of losing connection to family or friends.
  • Freedom from fear of not having lived life fully.

The biggest challenge everyone faces in my experiences is allowing new feeling to be felt. When you experience new feelings often people feel terrified of their own feelings they feel inside. To cope with that; they often shut that off. Shutting off parts of yourself is how you have coped with life that requires for you to comply to how society wants you to act. When body mind and spirit and soul emotions begin to interact in their natural way. Everyone of your bodies within you remain strangers to each other. Sprit consciousness is at the core of loving living.

Most people are living in a world where they hide that fact that they are stressed and disconnected from their own reality. When all burdens drop away; all of life becomes clear.

The Beauty of life becomes so precious that all diversions become obvious. You life path is seen from point of pure clarity. You see you life without the baggage that you have been carrying


Working with your own truth is the most exciting way you can be engaged with yourself and others. We work with sexual appetite, intellectual appetite. We work with all your desires and give them life and space to be in your life. In these videos you hear people finally feeling their own truth.

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