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Design your life. Use this page when you want to wTo design your life Take a notepad and begin writing as you listen.atch the play list videos.

As you watch and listen (best with head phones to ensure you are not distracted).

Design your life.

When you write, your actually begin to feel deeper meaning to your words.

Design your life. 

Prepare yourself with a note pad. Not digital notes but writing. There is a good reason for this. Most of our life these days are digital. Because words create our life; its very important that we get very specific with the words we use. It the most of the time negotiator words are interpreted to match the limited meaning we've given to our life.

This is the most powerful video that I have made so far.

In this video we talk about word patterns and the meaning we give to these words. Its incredible pattern of realisation and we developed by this stage of design your life package.

Design your life.

In right environment; transition is simple and easy.

Design your life.

The first video of design your life is the results of a number of the videos below and in other parts of this website. Like everything is a process of progress. Until you again deeper understanding all of that particular platform there is no point in going on to the next step. It is like reading first you learn to read a word then a sentence of paragraph on page and then you got full book. It is a very simple and easy transition. At every step you are live with complete understanding of we who are. Remember, you are creating a lifestyle of your choice this time. This time you design your life rather than just going with the establishment.


This particular design your life program is available to those who are ready to move beyond the . Move beyond inner conflict and struggle. And have had enough of being disappointed.

If you when you had enough of being made ordinary when you are actually extraordinary.

You've been suppressed and repressed by the conditioning is in the first video.

However it is the foundation and standard that you receive regardless of whether it is one appointment with series of appointments spread over the day a few days a few weeks or a few years. This depends on

Design your life.

In order to fit into ordinary society you become carbon copy of someone else.

To become a copy - you've had to distance yourself from your own soul.

To distance yourself from your soul in order to fit into accepted idea of what is normal in this cookie cutter world is road of pain and disconnect.

Design your life.

how far you want to go with your life. This is your life your designs. We help you in the transition and the use of the tools to get you there. We walk with you through your progress at this stage. Strong support is essential to ensure you do not get lost and overwhelmed. Overwhelm is the greatest destructor of creative life.

The design your life program is available following a first appointment.

The first appointment identifies your readiness to go further or if you just need a fine tune-up.
We will provide you with tools to prepare you for the design your life opportunity. If we find that when you want it enough you will put the work in. Clearly you are putting tremendous effort to remain the same in order to please social thinking. That is a great deal of had work. Keeping up with other people's expectations is exhausting. You are not you when you are being a copy of someone else.

To become carbon copy of someone else - you've had to distance yourself from your own soul in order to fit into accepted as normal this cookie cutter world. 

Everybody is different we don't want to pre-empt anything. We have no desire to struggle against your wishes. We are used to just being funnelled into a programme or service without any collaboration with us.
By contrast; We'll fully collaborate with you.
Therefore you'll have full understanding of benefit in every aspect of your life; financially relationship wise, family wise, body wise and spiritually.