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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are   

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Connection to where you are and where you want to be is your link to success.

Preparation to conneccction is foundation of experiences that count. Connection to being present changes many lives. Your body is the vehicle to connecting to your life on earth. Your body friequencies are the link to living successfully in this lifetime.

About Emotional Release.

Only when emotions are accessed responsibly. - the key being is that you are supported through the process of integration. For that process to be of any value you need a person who has had substantial and varied life experiences. Getting out of the head is the most essential element to connection to to who you are. This process frees up the brain so the cells may dance.

Connection to who you are; draws on Kashmiri Shaivism that was developed & designed for the householder to be able to transcend mediocrity.

When your emotions are accessed responsibly you are supported through the process of integration.  Integration is your connection - your bridge to where you were to where you have arrived. When connection is not established the session is therefore voided. This site is committed to providing you with information that is real ensuring that you are educated of the ignorance that is out there in every profession.

Tantra Bodywork had fallen into wrong hands. For thousands of years temple priests have misused it on vulnerable people.

It encompasses your entire well-being including relationships with all things around you so you don't get caught unaware. Never has there been a greater need for deeper connection as our society struggles under the burden of stress. Disassociation is at the core off separation. Environmental toxins, diseases, broken families, children shared between couples who live apart ads to the burden of stress. Current greatest epidemic is couples sleeping together yet lacking true intimacy. Their partners withholding sex, forcing the one who still desires it to awaken next to someone who just want to live as a friend.

Connection to daily contact keeps families together.

This forces the other party to seek out sexual services under the label of Tantra who now provide sex calling it surrogacy these services are offered in every tantra school (so far we have not found any exceptions, if you have contact us and well show you where this service is implied in their site if it is not, it is ) that crowd our internet yet calling it a spiritual service.

Connection to what is Spirituality for you.

These trends impact our entire society all work practices and success in business. Firms that care about their reputation no longer wish to do business with someone so foolish as to believe a sex service can enhance personal relationships. One client had this experience; he has a very successful business, in the last few years his clients began to move elsewhere. His staff we expressing concern over the losses and his relationship with his second wife. Our home life affects our business. Connection to reality is your key to creating successful relationships.