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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are   

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Spirit Consciousness Training - the foundation of all relationships. It's approached from the perspective of the spirit bathing your soul. 

That in turn permits to soul to envelop the body. Your soul is actually larger than your body contrary to the beliefs of most people. Majority of people believe that these soul is inside the body in a small thing that you speaks out occasionally. And it is if you restrain it, however when you do that it sits outside your body not inside the body. Because you are actually pushing it away from you.

Through specific techniques in your Spirit Consciousness Training with you become aware of the frequencies of the nardies. 

242,000 Nadi pathways are created throughout your body. They come into the chakras. Negative and positive nadies enter into your chakras. From that comes consciousness.

In this video the man describes what that feeling is or can be in the body.


When the nadies and chakras come together that creates a vehicle for expanded consciousness. When you access this level of consciousness energy drops down to the base Chakra begins to raise the kundalini chakra by chakra.


This process unties the knots that have been preventing the energy from coming together with the spine. When the night begins to untie the energy begins to move up the spine. Often my people begin to feel a as a column of energy coming from over the top and dropping down to the base chakra then moving up. This creates tremendous vibrations.

Spirit Consciousness Training is offered as part of the private appointment and ongoing team training.

In order for your body to go into that you need a commitment to grow into the next level of life. In other words if you are just stay where you are you are stagnant and there was no spark to activate that energy. That there has to be a purpose a desire a passion to go beyond where you are at the moment. Spirit Consciousness Training events are held regularly to help it continue to grow and maintain what you just begun to awaken. It is necessary training if you want to continue to grow. However what you are receiving in your private session will remain with you. That is downloaded like software into a computer.