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Power of LovePower of Love There is no Greater Power.

Power of love has capacity to keep you going when everything seems futile. When power of love envelops you, resistance to truth disappears. For many this power of love will take you out of depression and self focus. When love for life enters you life - you become more caring for your personal wellbeing because it's essential that you are not a burden on society. The only way you can shine love on someone else is through your own pure healthy body and mind.

My love of clarity and absolute commitment to love of life on earth. This one time opportunity to love the beauty of nature and to appreciate and care for every living being moves me through our changing and often challenging world events.

I've put together full video of my influences from 2years of age. As a toddler I recall many events all the way to adulthood. Then through my time in health and healing profession.

Welcome to my world so you know my commitment to you.

This is it, there is no replay. If we don't live fully, we need to redo this life over again.

Let's make it worth living. There is no replay. Make your life count today and every day of your life. My personal wins and challenges and wins of my clients and mentors are foundation of certainty combined with appropriate mix of flexibility adapted to every situation.

I grew up in a challenging environment. My parents were violent towards me and each other. Even as a child I questioned how anybody can deliver so much abuse and still be seen as a decent human being within their group of friends. The pain and isolation was overwhelming most of the time. I could not believe that there was a god that allowed all this to occur. Family confined my life and forced me to believe this was normal for humans. As I was isolated and confined to limited points of view; my spirit protested. As I continued to question the limitations my power of love for deeper meaning grew. This led me to question anything that is set in stone as a way of life. We are all meant to learn and grow as we evolve. Complying to a system does not allow room for growth and fulfilment of our life that maintains purpose.

I want you to approach your relationship in this manner. Anything less shows you do not have deep values. Power of Love is rarely seen in our environment. When it is there - people are blind to it. When your values don't meet the high standards, then you cannot spot the difference.

In these videos I share my beginnings. Clarity is foundation of power of love. In these videos I reveal to you why I choose to work with you the way I do. Helps you better understand why my work impacts people on such a deep level quickly and powerfully.

We can only benefit from people we admire, respect and value. For this reason I share my private life. MY life in relationships, health retreats, passions realised and passions lost on undeserving people.


Power of Love

No therapy could fix my

disillusion of the world I was born into. The only thing traditional therapy (including Tantric Therapy) offered, was to make me fit into an already confined controlled society that made me feel confined and restrained. I was never one of the flock.

Power of Love

I had my doubts. I knew there was more. But I had to find a role model.

I looked for someone who had lived through what I have. I already had that in my family. This was my personal search for the power of love. I could not believe what my neighbours believed or what my school mates believed. They just took on what authority told them.

However in the background of all this was my marriage that I left. My concern for the welfare of my three children.

Career is easy. Private emotional challenges are what bring us down. 

So continued to search for true meaning for ways to relating with family. This was to make sense of my failed relationship and desire for better communication with my children and ex husband. My search for knowledge took me across .the world to ashram's, wild rapids and ancient cultures. Therereality I came away with is that if we apply to our personal life, ethical business principals, we would all have successful relationships and happy families and friends.

On my way I found the   book by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich". Then Robert Kiyosaki. That was great but I needed more. Then I discovered Anthony Robbins who had been through physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his mother. Look at how he turned out.

I found acceptance in business. As I moved into natural health field my questions were seriously rejected in the new age arena.

This love everything and be happy has always looked fake to me. Everything is not rose petals; there are pests and fungi that attack the rose bush. To have a beautiful rose flower; we must pay attention to all the elements that the rose bush is surrounded by. In order for the rose to display it's power of love, it needs to be surrounded by friendly fauna and flora that takes care of the predators and opportunists. Despite living and working in a health retreat I could not find a way of embracing the lovy dovy huggy culture. What we need is a mix of all energies including challenges to be fully engaged in this remarkable and diverse world.


Power of Love

When I spent my passions on undeserving people, I was not aware of values that made up a great relationship.

Power of Love

The power of love is transferable to work, business, quality entertainment and every relationship you form. By applying these principals to business and relationships alike. You strengthen your values and your bonds with other valuable people who are confident in their passion for life. Power of Love is power of truth. Discover supportive relationships and awareness of the quality of relationships you attract. Power of love of your life is your strength.

In these videos; I share the knowledge that is behind the work I do.

Home of Shamanic De-ArmoringA strong spirit transcends rulesHome of Shamanic De-Armoring

-- -- Prince 

With every client as they progress; I bring you their verifiable results. My deepest gratitude to these people who came before me and helped shape me and continue to inspire me. Grateful also to clients who shared their experiences so you can be inspired by deeper levels of consciousness of our planet.

Power of love is within the love of the life you live. Power of love is revealed when you allow truth reveal itself to you in action. You can only use power of truth when you participate in it. In the process truth becomes your transformational tool. It is not a thought it is a silent action.

Power of Love 

If you love true mastery you'll love these videos all the way through. 

These videos set the foundation that took me to being commissioned for interior design projects valued at millions of dollars every month.

I treat your life and your body as valuably as a million dollar project.

My continued dedication in supporting you in understanding what my clients experience keeps me focussed. I want to empower you with your power of Love as seeing the truth of life. Your knowledge of who you are is your knowledge that spirituality comes from seeing the truth of what you love. Power of love of the life you live. Power of  love is revealed when you use truth as you transformational tool. This is the measure that large corporations use when assessing their key their employees. Large corporations employ only people in key positions who love quality and regard for what they bring to the business and to their life. As I developed my work, my clients consistently talked about the invisible beings touching them. Even when they were in the car. Or when I'd leave the room. How spirit touch actually connects you with your soul in a powerful and solid way. Many people feel that in their physical being. ("It's important to state at this point; everyone is at varying levels of their awareness. Results are unique to every individual.)

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