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Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are    

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Shamanic De Armouring is specific body work support you releasing traumas; physical, emotional mental sexual. 

Life of competition and emotional stress that builds over time has a tendency Shamanic De Armouringto tie up our body and mind into knots. This can often have us feeling completely ungrounded and disconnected from our very nature.  This can have us feel completely alone despite being around people. Deep down we feel the need for authentic connection with people we can trust to keep us safe.

These  traumas are affecting your behaviour in every area of your life including intimate relationships.

As you go through this powerful connection with universal energies, trauma begins to come to the surface. Powerful feelings and emotions rise up.

Because you've lived many lifetimes, some feelings are deeply disturbing. We unravel your blockages that have held you back for lifetimes. At this most critical time you need to feel supported.

This immediately permits your pain to be transformed. At the core of all this is the rhythm. Like your heartbeat and your pulse that the doctor or Chinese medicine may measure.  Within you is a measurable rhythm that affects everything you do and feel. This rhythm is there, yet you do not feel it. We need to connect you to this rhythm so you can begin to enjoy and appreciate every aspect of your life.


This video explains to you the depth of wisdom within your cells that are programmed to be revealed. But you must want to know the sound of your own wisdom.Shamanic De Armouring

While immersed in your Shamanic De Armouring experience you need to feel safe. You will be experiencing new dimensions of understanding.

First feeling is often a resistance. Resistance is the mind taking over and interpreting feelings incompetently.

Mind likes to recognise where it's going before it permits the body to take the next step. Your mind restrains you. It has been conditioned to repeat rituals. What you'll be hearing here is capacity of letting go of the mind. Shamanic De Armouring is a concept of letting go of all conditioning so your own soul can enter and embrace your body. Shamanic De Armouring is a process of getting past your inner gatekeeper that's frozen in time; YOUR MIND.

Letting go of the mind that has humans frozen in time for thousands of years. Until you experience the letting go of the mind; shamanic de armouring cannot proceed to next step. For this reason we present videos of actual experiences of Shamanic De Armouring clients.

Our conditioning prevents us from seeing anything new. Our conditioning builds protection against further onslaught. In this traumatic state that society is in we can only see what we already know.

Purpose of Shamanic De Armouring is to have your cells feel safe to begin to migrate. We create a safe space for your emotions to feel completely supported. Cells need to feel they can move without your mind control. In your Shamanic De Armouring session, your cellular wisdom is released. The wisdom from the time the universe was created is accessible through your cellular wisdom


Empowerment session in these videos are all unique. There is no one size fits all approach. There can never be. In this video a lady talks about what she could see of her past during their session.

For some clients; physical healing becomes part of the process. Every experience in our lives affects ourShamanic De Armouring  physical wellness. the whole purpose of Shamanic De Armouring is to build a fortress around the body and mind that is impenetrable. Being disarmed while feeing vulnerable to the environment does not make your inner world feel safe to let go of the fences it has built around itself. You body knows when to do that. While the mind may not notice the dangers, you body is receiving the real intention of the environment around it. Because we have lost communication with nature, we have lost connection to the wisdom of our own body. 
Let cellular wisdom back into your body feel the cells collecting into order of where they naturally belong. 
There is a deep gorge between the body and the mind. This leaves emotions in turmoil. Emotions need to be able to link the mind with the body so the mind can allow intuition that is designed to give us access to decoding the intention of the people around us. When the stronghold is built around the life you personally wanted to create your personal armour can be removed at will. 
Avoiding certain desires leaves us vulnerable. First we communicate with your desires to uncover the reason for that desire. 
Often desire has nothing to do with the reason. That desire is a cover up. This is where skilled shamanic de armouring is at it's best 

Clarity and deep awareness of Tasha's spirit guides her is supporting you in frees up and releasing restrictions and stagnated areas of your body mind spirit and soul that have been impacting many levels of your relationships in this lifetime.


Listen to this lady's Shamanic De Armouring breakthrough. Her story oShamanic De Armouringf moving from terror to profound bliss.

Shamanic De Armouring

Purpose of this process is to lift the burden of past reactive self sabotaging patterns that affect all relationships.

Shamanic De Armouring

This process enables you to express your inner nature while identifying best practices to support you in keeping that connection with your authentic self. Purpose of this process is to lift the burden of past reactive self sabotaging patterns that affect all relationships. We take you to a place where you are willing to take these mental boxing gloves off. These have been your defence system until now. They have done an excellent job in protecting you..

Shamanic De Armouring is specific body work combined with skilful coaching that holds your space.

This process affects your behaviour in every aspect of your life. As blockages free up, your soul can then re-enter your body. Where you felt empty there is a knowingness of wisdom and certainty. Because most people spend up to one third of their week in a workplace environment, I consider this one of your most powerful relationship situations. Work place relationships affect your mood and how you relate with your loved ones.

Your mentors story is here for you to get to know her life's work her beginnings and much much more.     
One of the most powerful aspects of concepts Shamanic De Armouring is it's ability to affect physical injuries.

Shamanic De Armouring

This book Karma Cola gives you deeper insight into the spiritual world in India.

Shamanic De Armouring

This book Karma Cola gives you deeper insight into the spiritual world Shamanic De Armouring in India. Indian writer Gita Mehta describes in merciless detail behavior of westerners in India. How spirituality is sold to those who don't understand the culture. Here's link to that Wikipedia page.    
Sadly for most of us the genitals feel separate from the body. In that situation our body is in constant state of self defence. 
This is huge disconnect between the upper and lower part of your body.  While there is disconnection there is a gap of energy. For this reason your body will be in self protection. To disarm that part of the body would send you into major emotional release. This is not our intention. Emotional stress is often misinterpreted for emotional release. 
Freedom from Patterns of Self Defence and Competition.
Shamanic De Armouring when addressed with care ensures that you are not reacting in sadnesShamanic De Armouring s or pain. Shamanic De Armouring when responsibly used build foundation of absolute trust so you do not go into reliving the actual trauma while in self protect state. In that mindset you would not get any lasting value apart from reaction to being opened up to memories that need to be observed by a mind that is stable and strong. There can be no higher attainment on earth than coming together with your soul and your soul living with you as one. This is foundation of Shamanic De-Armouring Benefits. Imagine quality of all your relationships that you choose to bring into this lifetime to live completely as a fully empowered being.