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Business situations affect our emotions. Emotional states can have devastating impact our physical and mental health.

These in-turn impact business, careers and personal relationships. As we have seen repeatedly; sporting stars personal and business relationships and

Business situations affect our emotions

Everything, including business is about relationship with whatever you are interacting with.
Everything is about relationships.
In business; the relationship frequency is vastly different from intimate relationships.

Business situations affect our emotions

sponsorship have experienced massive set backs. Some have never recovered. This is due to the miscommunication of the spiritual aspect that derails us.

Business Tantra works on life realities. You cannot meditate your way out of business or relationship challenges. Meditation does help balance and center you. Meditation alone cannot help if nutrition is not addressed. Nutrition alone cannot help business relationships when connection with how you approach the energy of food and water. When you are in balanced, all business challenges are viewed for what they are.

In business your most valuable asset is clarity.

Your mental, physical and emotional strength are essential to handle whatever comes your way in business. Great confusion is experienced when dealing with business is a standardised spiritual attitude. It is not and either of situation. The most spiritual steps you can make are towards protecting your business. In order for you to do that effectively is to know what works in the established business world. How you use these tools is what counts.

Your first priority is to take care of business. When you take care of business is a way that ensures safety and integrity of everyone involved. For me - it's like martial arts. When you have an enemy coming at you; the best thing to do is to deflect their attack. This buys you time to get your defence system into place. Best defence is to negotiate on your terms. Taking control is the only way to win.

Business situations affect our emotions

In this video a client speaks about his surprise and value of business being incorporated in his bodywork setting.

Business situations affect our emotions

When stressed; we have a tendency to shut down. This affects how we filter information and reality presented to us. The murky distorted view will influence your choices.

Our job is to introduce an environment that supports clear view and focused responses in every aspect of your life.

What people and therapists do not recognise is the impact that business stress has on your body. When your body is housing resistance which is the most exhausting, self defeating action; you cannot be effective. Non action is action of holding back a tsunami. In our business relationship services we re-establish the flow in your body in order to move through your challenges.