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Conscious relationship therapies get your life back on track

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Relationship therapies for sexual healing.

Bring new feelings and values to your relationships.

In intimate relationships we seek rapture, transcendence to new dimensions. We seek a place where division between head and heart cease to exist. Where you enter into a state of bliss and ecstasy. This feeling of intense happiness. How to sustain these feelings is the search. How do we bring meaning into our private, personal relationships.

Our relationships with the world is you and me

If you do not have that in your life there are ways of reversing these patterns. Inside the hidden world of loving relationships are dimensions of new ways of living and loving life. There is a hidden network of feelings and vibrations that you have never had access to.

We help with emotional issues of anxiety, self-sabotage, procrastination and deep relationship issues.Relationship therapies

When you feel there is no more you can take. Old way is too old and exhausting. This is when new beginnings are achievable. Instead of temporarily relieving symptoms; we help you develop inner strength. Establish powerful resources that sustain you new patterns.

Healing is possible.  

Combining love with sexual relationships by accessing new feeling within you body. Ability to recognise new feelings in your own body opens you up to new possibilities within your intimate relationship.

  • Increase body awareness
  • Uncover secrets to success in love.  
  • Come alive feel happy. 
  • Begin by giving your relationship life of it's own.  
  • Remove pain. 
  • Bring in inner peace. 
  • Improve body image
  • Identify intimacy issues
  • Heal sexual abuse.
  • For men; premature ejaculation and other intimcy issues.
  • For women; sexual healing

The world is the projection of ourselves
and to understand the world
we must understand ourselves.

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti

We take your relationship to deep sense of love whether it is with yourself if your are single, or with your current partner. 

Here is a snippet to identifying supportive relationships. No pretence just the truth to what makes relationships great. 

Relationship therapies

Secret to GREATER INTIMACY begins with deep sense of belonging.  You need to feel safe in where you are in your life before your soul and spirit will allow access to spiritual code that turns you life around completely.

First we must develop a platform that supports your trust in your life. This means we begin by getting clear on who is in your life and how their presence affects you. How their presence affects your behaviour and the choices you make. We connect you to the art of listening to your own life. Move love to higher frequencies. No matter how stressful life is ultimately you can still have love. Clear the past and start living who you are right now. We need to bring aliveness and passion to your life. Give yourself the gift of love that works from day one no matter what is going on in your life. 

Tap into your power of love instantly. We all have a valuable place we fit into that is purely your own space where you absolutely feel you belong.  A sense of belonging attracts healthy relationships. Sense of belonging can heal a damaged relationship.   

From lust to love is supreme shift into feeling belonging.

Uncover your joy by living your life as creator of the truth you want to life from this day. And every day of your life.

Lots of couples actually have love but are struggling in sharing love.

We begin by healing relationship stress stemming from past experiences. Remove confusion of belonging. Heal inner personal discomfort. Fill your life heal dissatisfaction. Change quality of communication with partner or work colleagues. Create emotional security. For some it's critical to deal with past abuse that is affecting your life on all levels. Anxiety.  ]Depression. Loss of self. 

Identify with extraordinary relationship.

  • Beliefs. Obstacles. Release the root of blockages. 
  • Bring what you love into your life.
  • Create blueprint for healthy sex and healthy relationships. 

 Create emotional security.

If you have been; Betrayed. Lost a loved one. Feeling lost and need direction and support. Sexually abused. Physically abused. Physically injured. Or just reached that place of dispassion. Other reasons that life has lost it's meaning. If you are not whole there is nothing to feel and nothing to share. Sometimes life just feels flat.

Celebrate your life; lets meet your needs to fulfill your life. Learn how to share deeper loving.

Together you and I will bring in new patterns. Heal traumas and fear of new feelings. Explore new feelings release you from the deeply imbedded limiting patterns of your social programming. Connect to your loving life. New feelings bring more energy into you life. You develop new perspective on your capabilities. Research shows financial situations improve dramatically when there is more love and passion.

Decide to make every day a love day. Lets get deep into creating loving in Every area of Your Life.
Only when you have suffered enough you seek powerful solutions. Help you integrate your new patterns to heal old and habitual issues. Powerful ways of healing unpleasant emotions. Get to the core issues combined with immediate solution focused activities. We deal with emotions dimensions beneath your compulsions.