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Conscious relationship therapies get your life back on track


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Relationship therapies for identifying qualities and values that relationships bring into your life.HOME of concepts mastery of valuable relationships

Stop the suffering from relationship expectations. Sex does not improve quality of your life. Quality of your connection to life improves your sex life. The videos all speak of people just like you stepping into new dimensions of feelings and realisations.

Give your relationship life of it's own. Live congruent. Live fully in this life. There's no guarantee that it gets better on the other side.

When two souls meet, there is deep recognition. At a soul level; you feel completely present. Everything and everyone has a soul. There is a misconception that at a soul level there is deep love and integrity. That is a huge mistake. Like in nature there are wild dangerous animals and places; humans are just as diverse.

Intimacy is Deep Soul Connection. You can have it here right here right now. True Intimacy begins with deep sense of belonging.

Connect to the art of listening to your own life. Art of listening is key to communicating with yourself to fine tune your energies. Move love to higher frequencies.


 We all have a valuable place we fit into that is purely your own space where you absolutely feel you belong.  A sense of belonging attracts healthy relationships. Sense of belonging can heal a damaged relationship. Working with your soul is in our talk with a client in this video.


Despair is one of the reasons why people seek sex therapy. When something has to change you experience honest progress.

We begin with connecting your body and soul to body and soul of earth pulse. This begins the feelings of being whole and complete. From that platform we begin to create your new life. Until we establish connection you do not have the energy required for transformation. From lust to love is supreme shift into feeling belonging. You have lived with these challenges alone all your life. Time to get your life in a place that's a joy to share. Uncover your joy by living your life as creator of the truth you want to life from this day. And every day of your life.

When it's difficult to define what you need but something has to be done. Situations such as;

Current challenging relationship. Relationship stress stemming from past experiences. Confusion in belonging. Inner personal discomfort. Dissatisfaction with life. Constant miscommunication with partner or work colleagues. Create emotional security. For some it's criRelationship therapiestical to deal withpast abuse that is affecting your life on all levels. Anxiety.  ]Depression. Loss of self. 

Identify inner conflicts.

  • Beliefs. Obstacles. Understand the root of blockages. What you want. Achieve Breakthrough. 
  • Create blueprint for healthy sex and healthy relationships. 

If you have been;

Betrayed. Lost a loved one. Feeling lost and need direction and support. Sexually abused. Physically abused. Physically injured. Or just reached that place of dispassion. Other reasons that life has lost it's meaning. When you connect to your soul body spirit mind emotions you begin to live at a different frequency. Depending on the stage of development you are at in your evolution of your soul. You soul has come here to evolve therefore it's critical you involve your soul in your life. Be with it as one. Body and soul combined makes you more powerful and more present. Most relationships communicate through just a sliver of the human being. If you are not whole there is nothing to feel and nothing to share. Listen to this video of female transformation.

Personal boundaries are often violated in early development stages.

These can happen through physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse. This starts a never ending spiral re-victimising the person. These boundaries continue to be violated until we have better tools to take us to next level of consciousness. Together we take the journey of identifying feelings of disconnect and boundaries.  When you feel all of you; the entire world takes on new meaning. In this video below a man is feeling all of his body, imagine living so full.

If there has been emotional Spiritual, Sexual abuse and Physical Traumas, this is where we need to begin.

Together you and I will strips away old programming, your traumas and your fear of new feelings. Only new feelings release you from the deeply imbedded limiting patterns of your social programming and reveals to you the true YOU. New feelings bring more energy into you life. You develop new perspective on your capabilities.

 When it's difficult to define what you need but something has to be done. Easily Integrate With Every area of Your Life.