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Relationship therapies for identifying qualities and values that relationships bring into your life.

Majority of relationships come together on similar interests. These similar interests are the very things that splits relationships. Because the two people coming to relationships need to bring complementry skills and perception. Not sameness. You already have these  

complementry perceptions and skills. You just need the courage to use them in your personal life as well as business life.

The only place to live is in self mastery. Learn art of self

HOME of concepts mastery

Mastery. Begin with basic tools to master your own life.

Only 1% of the world ever considers self awareness.

You are still in good commpany.

That's over 70million humans you can be part of. I love the 1% I have been able to discover myself. I did not always know about that.

Join the one percent with me. It's easier than fighting for your rights of crumbs of life.

It takes a lot less effort. Have you had enough of living less than the person you are worthy of being. Give up the struggle.

Connect to the the art of listening to your own life. We all have a valuable place we fit into that is purely your own space. This attracts healthy relationships.

When we have different skills we have different input from another perspective. 

  • That can save a relationship when any issues arise. 
  • I assure you; right now you have different skills and different perspectives - but one of you is giving in. 
  • Therefore you both ripping each other off .  

When you give in; YOU cover up your love and YOUR beauty.  When you give in you end up playing guessing games. Trying to work out the meaning of this and that. Nobody is taking advantage of their life on Earth when they get caught up in the dramas.

Most people enter into a relationship hoping that will last forever. Then end up deeply hurt when it doesn't go the distance. The key is recognising the differences in your partner. Recognise the value of differences that compliment your skills and values. Practice incorporating the differences rather than competing for position in limitations of sameness. None of you are the same as someone else. Just agreeing keeps you living in someone else's shadow.

Here we learn and feel what it feels like to bring in the differences into your life. And how that enhances your life in every aspect of love health wealth well-being family relations and so on.

Sustainable relationships are built on differences and how we appreciate the difference is and what we do with them.

We must begin by setting new standards for supportive relationships. That is difficult to do if you do not have new tools and new perspective.

Despair is one of the reasons why people seek sex therapy.

  • Current challenging relationship.
  • Inner discomfort.
  • Dissatisfaction with life.
  • Constant miscommunication with partner or work colleagues.
  • Create emotional security.
  • For some it's critical to deal with past abuse that is affecting your life on all levels.

This is for you who want to clear toxic emotions and any unwanted energies.

  • Learn to be vulnerable with the right people.
  • Know when not to be vulnerable.

  Change on a deeper Level is empowerment.

  • When just healing is not enough.
  • Because the core issue still continues to affect all habits and choices that created the problem in the first place.
  • My people are desperate to move ahead in life.
  • They've tried everything else and are stuck in the same place.

Identify inner conflicts.

  • Beliefs.
  • Obstacles.
  • Understand the root of blockages.
  • What you want.
  • Achieve Breakthrough.
  • Create blueprint for healthy sex and healthy relationships.

I work with you using a systematic approach for making significant changes. Most people continue to suffer. This is often referred to as surviving.

Identify your obstacles.

  1. Followed immediately by what to do to thrive.
  2. In your first appointment.

If you have been;

  • Betrayed.
  • Lost a loved one.
  • Feeling lost and need direction and support.
  • Physically abused.
  • Physically injured.
  • Or just reached that place of dispassion.
  • Other reasons that life has lost it's meaning.

But most importantly is how you bring these new tools into your life when you go back to the conditions you a living under. How you make these changes that bring out the best outcomes for everyone involved.

If there has been emotional Spiritual, Sexual abuse and Physical Traumas, this is where we need to begin.

Together you and I will strips away old programming, your traumas and your fear of new feelings. Only new feelings release you from the deeply imbedded limiting patterns of your social programming and reveals to you the true YOU. New feelings bring more energy into you life. You develop new perspective on your capabilities.

Do you want to just get by in your relationship. Or do you want to develop the courage for challenging caring fulfilling relationships that meet all your dreams in this life?

You only have one opportunity to explore all of you in this life time. Don't be content to remain a copy.

Find and live your original self. There is no encore.

We are given this one life. And all life leads to the end of life. Everything dies in the end. It all goes back to a source or moves on to a greater life somewhere else. The only way you will value your life today is by acknowledging that were all going to die one day. That is your responsibility to have create the best opportunities for your life on Earth in this lifetime regardless of your belief systems.

When you learn to respect your own path - you develop awareness to bring that skill to your family.

  • Your children need parents who ensures they have their own mind.
  • These skills determines the quality of their personal relationships at whatever age they may be.
  • Everything in life is about relationships we develop with family, friends, business owners, our service providers and our clients or public we serve.
  • This brings honesty to your family.
  • Learn who to trust and who to avoid.

This is a major skill that can even save years of heartache and possibly your life.

Develop courage to examine where you are in all your relationships in your life. 

Identify quality of your relationships truthfully and immediately.

Honesty lies in your commitment to your personal well-being.

To do that we all need someone who is more experienced in life than the friends and family you have around you.

  • Someone who is invested in their own personal well being.
  • That person who has set their standards and stands by them every day.
  • This is integrity.
  • Integrity is contagious.
  • I want you to catch integrity and make it yours today.

You have lived with these challenges alone all your life.

  • Time to get your life in a place that's a joy to share.
  • Uncover your joy by living your life as creator of the truth you want to life from this day.
  • And every day of your life.

Give your family your children this gift of purpose and power. They affect your sexual relationship.

Reset your standards .

Today, set your standards and stick by them.

  • When you stand by your standards - people will stick by you.

  • Get your own life back first.
  • You do that by improving your status within your current relationships on all levels.
  • Identify quality of relationships you want to live within.

  • I will be sure to help you to gather the strength to do this consistently.

When it's difficult to define what you need but something has to be done.

It's often not easy for you to interpret what to search for when we face challenges in our life. This video may help you.

It's often not easy for you to interpret what to search for when we face challenges in our life. This video may help you.

He talks about what was going on in his life that started his search for therapy. 
What he learned. 
How he can put that into action daily. 

Home of Shamanic De-Armoring Tantra & Tantric Living.

Find a DEEPER Meaning and Richness in EVERYTHING AROUND YOU.

To prepare you to meet with your soul rather than just addressing your physical alone. I have worked with some of my most influential mentors of our time. They were my clients as well as my being their student. I take the same stand with you. I study you and help you study you. And help you understand how you to create a very strong platform. Strong platform is required for any visible with change to occur.

Easily Integrate With Every area of Your Life.



Personal Transformation.

In life we are completely at the mercy of our sexual energies, here you explore every aspectyou on a deeper level.


Remember - quality of your life is result of the people closest to you.


Personal boundaries are often violated in early development stages.

These can happen through physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse.

This starts a never ending spiral re-victimising the person.

Now personal boundaries are being violated under the guise of healing your relationship issues.

These boundaries continue to be violated until we have better tools to take us to next level of consciousness.

Concepts Power wakes up your super consciousness and overrides the ridiculous suggestion of sacred prostitute to be your savior.
  • Together we take the journey of identifying feelings of disconnect and boundaries. 

We don't want to have you live your life as a follower of someone else's idea of how your life should be.

Here we are really creating consciousness that you actually step into and walk the walk rather than sit and wait for some god to come down and rescue you.