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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are   

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Tantra Intimacy addresses whole person to Heal lack of awareness.

Understanding of universal lack of awareness is pre-requisite to understanding before we move on to healing.

Most people have been conditioned to just do as they are told. To Tantra Intimacy addresses the whole personthe degree that Tantric scholars became so clear on human gullibility that they displayed the entire story on the exterior of the temple. 

On the outside they put all human action in picture form. Most  population in India was totally controlled by the hierarchy. In fear for their soul they followed every step as per instruction. Like a robot programmed. Robot does nothing until another program is installed. Then that installed program gets activated according to function required. Like opening a file in your computer. Til you open it; it just sits there.

Simultaneously they gave each human opportunity to see what other humans do.

When a person paid attention to every frame on the temple followed by contemplation (or meditation of what he observed); the person gained free will.


Tantra Intimacy embraces all of the senses, when you connect with all of you. You feelings all restrictions and resistance disappear.



Tantra Tantric Intimacy depends completely

on the body being cared for daily.

Our lives are a never ending array of rituals. These rituals create success or failure. There is no magical sexual technique that can heal your body. Tantra intimacy depends entirely upon your belief systems. If a person is incapable of forming healthy relationship with his soul - this would make him/her an easy target for any predator. Tantra means all of life. It does not judge any more than the air judges who breathes it. Everyone can breathe, it's free to use. Some places the air is mixed with pathogens. That it affects mental and emotional capacity. Some people get a sense of poor quality or contaminated air and move on. Others fall victim.Tantra intimacy has as many variations as 7.4 billion people on earth. Everyone received their breath at the level of their awareness. Some use specific techniques to enhance the quality of their breath. Others move to the country of spend time near the ocean. Some love time in the forest. When they have taken in the nectar (essence) of the place; they return often deeply transformed.


Tantra Intimacy is the depth of connection and variety you allow into your life. When you limit your behavior in all of life; then tantra intimacy becomes just sex.

Fear drives people to seek Tantra intimacy therapy.

Self actualised human journey is about paying attention to his soul. Soul connection and soul growth is what tantra intimacy offers. That is person's journey of continued self growth. Intimacy is a way of seeing into yourself. To explore yourself. In this video my client and I explore his belief system that restricts him. Listen to the change of how he sees his relationship to life now.

When you trust your energy you trust your life choices.