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Sexual TRANSMUTATION is concept of vibration of profound awareness.

Awareness of feelings they never experienced before. By connecting with these feelings they access zones of creativity that bring thought into physical reality.

Sexual transmutation is felt on a very subtle level yet like a volcano exploding. That explosion is invisible yet felt on deep level within the body as a merging with the universe. The mystery of sexual energies has been explored from a very narrow perspective. When you separate sexual energies as a sexual experience alone sexual transmutation is terminated.

To renounce belief in one's ego, to deny one's own "reality" -- what a triumph! not merely over the senses, over appearance, but a much higher kind of triumph, a violation and cruelty against reason.

A voluptuous pleasure that reaches its height when the ascetic self-contempt and self-mockery of reason declares: "there is a realm of truth and being, but reason is excluded from it!"

-- from Nietzsche's Human, all too Human


In his book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon has an entire chapter on Sexual Transmutation. In this pdf chapter 11 is this chapter. This is what I work with both in hands on therapy and personal development. The results are instantaneous when you have a desire to go beyond the known. Human Mind Requires and Responds to Stimulation and awareness of all elements interacting with body mind and emotions. The whole purpose of sexual transmutation is to bring the ego to it's rightful place. As I research the spiritual advice I continue to come across demonisation of the ego.


Spiritual teachers insist on getting rid of your ego. This in-itself has to be a red flag.

It is your ego that made your neck strong as an infant. It is your ego that made you roll over and reach out to explore the world around you. When a spiritual teacher says to you "destroy your ego" - RUN. That is the time to change your spiritual teacher. Sexual Transmutation awakens the links to joy that until now were a total mystery.

Creativity of Consciousness is activated by sexual transmutation.

Consciousness is expansion in totality when we permit our senses to vibrate with the puSexual transmutationlse without manipulating the pulse. Our creativity connects to every event that links us to new reality.

The Mystery of Sex and Sexual Transmutation.

The word "transmute" means changing or transferring one element form of energy into another". The emotion of Sex affects our state of mind. In our ignorance of the subject we associate it with the physical act. The emotion of sexual pleasures has the potential to maintain health and transform mediocrity into genius. Sexual desire is the most powerful human emotion, when directed it is the most creative force including accumulating riches. Scientific research has discovered relationship between sex and success. Men who have accumulated tremendous fortunes, achieved remarkable recognition in their chosen profession were all motivated by influence of remarkable women. Sexual Energy is the super power for action. In the emotion of sex is contained secret of creative ability.

Human Mind Stimuli.

Sexual energy accelerates the vibration of the mind when accessed correctly. When a man connect with the pulse of perception to the point where gracefully communicates with sources of cognitive faculties. That is typically unavailable through the habitual undulation of well-known cognitive faculties. Sixth Sense connects us to the Genius of our cellular intelligence. Successful people - Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Oprah, the late Steve Jobs, Beyonce, discovered their sixth sense and followed it through. These successful people all have their wives or husbands by their side.

The Dangers of misdirected Sexual Energies.

Many seemingly successful people begin to rely on drugs and alcohol, sadly often paying with their lives. That is misdirected sexual energy. Edison invention was result of Sexual Transmutation. That transmutation was not result of sex but merging of all energies of his body to the mind. That way the mind released it's independence and allowed the entire body to be involved. Edison used many combinations and ideas through artificial faculty of his mind - it was when he connected with his creative part of the mind that he received the answer to perfecting the light. He used a similar process for his other invention the talking machine..

Successful men are inspired by their wife. Wives of successful men are generally well regarded by the community.

Great leaders are all aroused by remarkable women in their lives, the quality of our relationships with our body and or with our lover is critical to our success.

Our accumulated experiences.  

Accumulated experiences have created a great divide between the Power of our Sexual energy, the resonance releases the bondage resulting in Sexual transformation.