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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are   

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Tantra For Couples is designed identify areas of disconnect and to bring you closer together.

Tantra For Couples is designed with to help you understand the role of the soul and the cells and the spirit within the couple's relationship. Often couples fall into routine forgetting that the spirit of hormonal energies need to be nourished. By identifying disconnect within a relationship every areas of conflict or dissatisfaction soften and gives the relationship a soul of it's own. In Tantra for coupes we connect each of you in your own space to your soul energy.

In the first video is my talk of communication of the cells with the soul in a woman's body.


The same applies to a man. Every one of your cells has its own soul in a spirit of brain lymphatic system digestive system and a hormonal system as well. In both men and women. But this video is directly targeted at the woman. So listen and this will help both men and women. Both people have a soul spirit and body. The relationship to be successful has to have it's own soul and spirit that needs to nurtured as much as the body soul spirit of the individual person.


For Tantra for couples to work together. Here you learn to recognise that the relationship has a soul energy in itself.

Often we fall into routine forgetting that hormonal energies need to be nourished.

Hormones also are an aspect of the soul. Hormonal health is part of tantra for couples. Society does not prepare couples to bring new life into their relationships. We are not made aware of the fact that every level of relationships actually has a soul of itself. What often happens is the hurts and emptiness come along with the packages. To deal with them before they damage the bond requires new skills and new focus.

This video is a recording of Tantra for Couples therapy in progress.

This situation represent many peoples friendships and marriages. We all live in our own bubble that we interpret the world through. In this video the bubble is so strong that it is physical. Have a listen. 

Past relationships have deep impact on how you relate in future or current relationships.

As a couple; discover that every moment ofCouples realtionship Tantra every day is orgasmic. In order for Tantra for couples to work, all aspects of life are considered. What you do not acknowledge will affect your love life. When we have the life we love that is when sexual relations are satisfying. Then throughout the day he remains in joy. Learn that up till now you have been just getting off and getting each other off. This in itself creates separation.

         Two men share their experiences in these audio recordings.            We have the capacity to heal through ecstatic energies. The quality of ecstatic energy and how and where they are directed determines whether that works or geets wasted. more.

A couple who plays together stays together.

 Feel the textures of love.

 Learn the new language of love.

 Discover relationship between sexual energy, love, energy, health and success.

   Our primary focus is on sexual transmutation for better relationships and wealth health and well-being. When you transmute it; that is what creates the flow between couples.