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History of Tantra and how it became mainstreem throughout the world.

Tantra is path to self-actualization. It's self-exploration through taking actions that reveal our deepest thoughts conditioning.History of Tantra AND Neo Tantra The key word here is conditioning that influences all your actions. Nothing that you do is you. You have been conditioned.

However as usual people fell victim to another form of conditioning by fake gurus who enslaved the masses all over again.

By turning tantra into just a sex ritual and self exploration under the lies of healing love of hindu gods.

This training also grew the sex industry because that level of tantra invites all sorts of pervisions.

By creating such a demand they created their own harem improved and more satisfying due to the turnover of participants. They do not need to feed or clothe them. They do not need to house them or provide any care. Harems cost money to maintain them. To teach tantra sex they make money and get to make out with the participants. Once released back into society these participants spread the word of the awakening they experience through sex and tantric sex  cult is spread throughout the world. While regular churches convert by knocking on doors,  or singing prayers; Tantric sex gurus convert their people by having sex with them or watching them have sex and being paid handsomely.

And the world fell for the lie because they said that God told them to do that.

Now in the west if god told a person to set up sex parlors but to call them a church, we call that insane and an excuse for getting away with prostitution. But when an Indian tells you to do that - this you call spiritual. They are raking in the money and laughing about your ignorance all the way to the bank. In the meantime they are enjoying all the naked flesh displayed before them. And oh oh oh - this is the best - they even tell their graduates to go tell the world about the wonderful spiritual path because they built the temple to make the story real and authentic. You will do for a fake god that you would condemn in your society. In you society when someone exploits you  sexually you take them to court. But then you History of Tantrago to a tantric sex god or goddess (who by the way are just you in different body,) you happily pay them to do the very thing you would object to from a person doing it to you for free. But ofcourse they say they are god or goddess - then it has to be ok, right?.

Now that I have had my rant lets get with REAL TANTRA.

Tantra built temples to show people all the options possible from the very basic survival which by the way includes sexual pleasure. But people got stuck at the erotic part of the temple and never went beyond that. Just like the theory of flat earth. Everyone agreed that the earth was flat and never went beyond that line for fear of falling off the edge.

Most people still live a flat earth life in every area of their life.

Tantra is a loose term assigned to practices characterized by ritual, rites of passage, energy work, and the utilization of the mundane to reach the supra mundane and understanding the relationship between the micro and macrocosm.

These aspects of Tantra can be spiritual and/or material. A guru is often consulted to help the practitioner have a mystical experience and properly guide them through the associated rituals. Yoga is a vital part of Tantra as it awakens the ability to reach the divine in the practitioner

An integral part also of Buddhism.

There is different forms of yoga in existence to meet a person's  

spiritual needs - varying from vigorous to peaceful movements. Visualisations, evocations and mantras can also help the Tantra practitioner reach a point of spiritual awareness

Tantra has had roots in areas of the world such as China, Tibet, Japan, Cambodia and Indonesia. It is closely affiliated with religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. In Hinduism.

There is no such thing as instant without sacrificing essential connection to you true nature.

To be fair, many do still study, the non sexual aspects of the rituals however the rituals lack the depths of connection until they discover a teacher with varied and fulfilling life experiences who demands the best from his/her students.