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Sexual Abuse has been destroying families and individuals since beginning of time.Sexual abuse

The sexual abuse victim at any age feels extremely vulnerable and fearful. Not only are they kept quiet by the perpetrator. But when they share it with the family, they are made to feel that it would be unacceptable to have this conversation. At times great dramas arise. Often when they tell, either they are blamed or told not to say anything to anyone else. Rarely is this reported. Actual statistics are misleading. Family choose to deal with it mostly by silence. This has been the experience of many of my clients.

Sexual Abuse

Many sexually abused survivors are choosing to live as an onlooker in life and within most of their relationships including intimacy and their children. Often they are physically in the room yet removed from the energy of the room. Really living in an out of body reality.

Sexual Abuse

Usually the family is already unstable. Often the is already disassociated from the family due to mental, emotional and or physical abuse. The perpetrator targets the already vulnerable human who feels there is no where to turn. Often the sexual abuse victim prefers to spiritually and emotionally remove themselves from their family. Many preferring to become an onlooker at any relationship. Being in the room yet removed from the energy of the room. This perpetuates fight or flight in the body of the person. Digestion will be affected. Some over eat. Others avoid food. Others engage in alcohol or drugs. Being in self defence is their state of being no matter how hard they try to let go.

  • This can exhibit inappropriate behavior.
  • That may result in total or partial withdrawal.
  • Things that were exciting and desirable, lose their appeal.
  • Some due to family abuse have never been free to feel love and safety.
  • If this is you please begin by calling with this truth.
  • So you feel safe begin by watching these videos of clients talking about their experiences within their appointment.

In this video and case study, this is our conversation as we wrap up the session. There is a gentle way. A tender way combined with specific personalised supervised program. Priority is for you to feel safe and know what that feeling is within the core of your being.

New stories their breakthroughs. Coming soon. In the meantime these current client videos of their shamanic de-armouring sessions will be helpful.

Sexual Abuse creates and perpetuates terror that those who have not experienced it cannot possibly imagine.

It is an energy of the deepest violation of the soul. What happens during this eSexual Abusevent is extreme confusion and absolute distrust of life in general.

During the act of sexual abuse - part of the soul and spirit leaves.

This is why the victim feels there is something wrong with them. Because a part of their being just leaves due to this trauma, the victim of sexual abuse feels abandoned.

This leaves them vulnerable to attracting manipulative relationships because they seek to be filled.

Pages we are working on are sexual abuse for men. Sexual abuse for women. Sexual abuse for families and friends and how they can come together and recognise the signs. What to do and what not to do. These are personal stories we are working on. More...

to be continued.....