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Q & A What is Real Tantra. 

This question is answered in a number of parts.

Q. Is it about sex techniques?

A. Making love is about ability to fully present with your partner.

  • Knowing you want to be with your partner in that moment.
  • You need to be in a state that your mind cannot be anywhere else.
  • This is foundation of Real Tantra.

Tantra was formed to assist the householder. That's you the everyday person not a guru or Buddha.

  • Everyday families are inspired to connect to your tread on enchanted ground of living life in total abundance. 
  • This included sex. Sex is a very small part of real life. Simply because we cannot physically engage in sex every day. Or rely purely on sex for loving connections. 
  • We are not built to do that. 

This video describes tantric earth connection. It's an honest process towards safety and security of life on earth.

  • Tantra was created to let people know that they are their own guru. 
  • Temples were built to tell the story of how we connect one frame of ourselves to the next frame of our day moment to moment. 
  • This process brings awareness and pleasure of connection to everything you do no matter what Based on ancient female spiritual-sexual alchemy principals within men and women. 
  • For Tantra to be truly expressed and experienced all frames are linked. 
  • First you need to identify the various frames within your body. 
  • The functions these frames have. 
  • How to link these frames. 
Everything in the universe is sacred when that finds its purpose.
  • Like manure benefits our land when applied correctly or compost correctly prepared makes magnificent nourishment for the earth that produces our nourishment. 
  • But it needs to be well prepared for that purpose. 
  • When left as is, it can also be nourishment for dung beetles. 
  • But it all needs to connect with the one who can reap re reward. 

More content to come time permitting.