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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are   

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Every aspect of life affects the quality of your personal relationships. When we begin with fundamental knowledge as foundation not the end result; we begin at a new level of understanding. That has to be greatest asset.


Without valuing what you are engaged in; you literally throw your entire life away. Understanding of the presence of your soul has to be the foundation of your therapy. If you don't you run the risk of just entertaining the mechanics (the robotic mimic) of the idea of tantra. In this video listen to our talk about the soul and impact that has on the value of this session.


The only way to bring you value of a different perspective is to engage you with real life client experiences. If we don't; this would be seen as just spiritual jargon that ends up as sex therapy in a new age make believe temple. Deep beneath every action and emotion is the key to your wisdom. To reach your personal wisdom you need to travel within.


The greatest challenge is communication with people closest to you. When your behavior changes; the way people hear you changes. Lead by example. Action speaks volumes. Only in action does your sincerity leave it's mark.

Miscommunication is the greatest challenge people face. And lack of professional support in other areas of life that impact on emotional health and development.

This video above; helps you understand what the other videos below are sharing with you.

The massage video for general observer does not show the depths of communication going on. But this video of his sharing his experience reveals the depths of communication that is going on during the sessions.

Whether you're in relationship or dating, this training begins your journey to understanding yourself. This video below, sheds light on the depth of challenges many people face whether single or in relationship.


Concepts Melbourne Tantra was designed to connect you to your inner wisdom. The inner wisdom can only awaken, when it links to the outer reality that is going on in your life. When you only connecting to your inner wisdom that separates you from your life on Earth.

So let's get this straight immediately. This video was put together to help you to bring you into a session breakdown with my client this is a live communication taken as. In this video you'll hear her how her past fears blended with the current moment that turned into an orgasm she had never experienced before.

So let's get this straight immediately. This video was put together to help you to bring you into a session breakdown with my client this is a live communication taken as. In this video you'll hear her how her past fears blended with the current moment that turned into an orgasm she had never experienced before.

In this video a female client describes how she felt an explosion in her solar plexus. FromMelbourne Training; private therapies, workshops and private events and workshops there the energy linked to the base vortex of her body. This was followed by linking every vortex all the way to the head

When you were growing up, chances are you never observed healthy interaction between your parents.

Many people seeking Sex Therapy Melbourne grew up in broken homes or in homes that tolerated unhealthy situations.

Some people had sexual abuse. Others were overly controlled. Still others were just told what to do and when to do it. Most people have accepted authority over every aspect of their life. When you had any trauma your chakra your nadis your Kundalini are all misaligned and everything is all over the place. Our job here is to begin to help these areas communicate possibly for the first time in your life in this lifetime.

People in these videos and audios describe the level of understanding what is possible for you. 

Fear of moving on is typically the reason for staying in difficult relationships. Often people have the mindset of better the one you know than the one you do not know. Melbourne Relationship Therapy for when you want to know more about what you can do to make life better for you and your entire family. In this video have a listen to us talking about control and manipulation. Good idea to make a note of the story we share with you in this conversation. Relate it to your life. Don't judge, just listen. This is a different way of relating. In this video my client and I are talking about control and manipulation.

Here we explore the secret to embracing pain.

Strangest thing is that just about everyone has been conditioned to have someone else fix all your challenges. Conditioned to ignore your gut feeling and take your body to an expert to fix it. While this is a great thing, it's vital you treat your body as a complete system of spirit, mind, emotion combined. Whenever someone treats your body as a machine of spare parts, this distances you from feeling all levels of awareness. You feel unheard, insignificant. This creates resentment.  

Successful people know how to interpret this statement.

Whenever they engage anyone in  their business, they ensure that the person they engage is monitored. That they are aware whenever you make any change - this has to serve the entire system. If that is not considered - then this can bring the entire business down. 

Melbourne relationships therapy we must have the same level of vigilance.

You want much more out of your relationship. You want to know your significant other will cross the ocean to ensure you have every level of support you need to have your dream in this lifetime. If not, lets find a way to make this happen. How does your current relationship affect your children? Do you want to continue to maintain this type of environment that is shaping the world for your children and grandchildren to come? You are the change. No one else can create a new world.

The only thing missing is the knowledge of what is possible for you. They say home is where the heart is. Lets make that place safe and strong for the entire family to flourish. Humans have been conditioned to conquer. This is a very aggressive approach. you cannot attack everything. Listen to your words. People attack disease. People fight disease. People attack pain.

When you stop fighting, you begin a journey of being present with the event. Including love making. Even when it is pain or disease. By fighting everything you consider to be unacceptable, you perpetuate disassociation.

This spills into relationships. The home becomes a place of competition and control. The one who yells the loudest wins. Or the one who holds back communication wins. Every household has one of these dynamics. These are all tools of controlling people around you.

Your therapy is centered around creating freedom to grow you. The greatest tragedy is that people have been sold a terrible lie about relationships and how to heal them.

The separation and digging at pain analysing pain does no healing. It's like tearing of a scab while the wound is healing. You create an opportunity for another scab to form to protect that wound. When searching it's often difficult to ask the right questions when you do not really know what you need for your situation. On this page a man talks about the challenge he faced when searching to improve his relationship. For this reason it's essential you watch the videos if you truly want sacredness in you life. Here you feel yourself within your soul. Your soul is bigger than your body. It is not a tiny little squeak people assume it to be.