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Healing damaged female energy.Tantra for women in Asia

Female energy massage is designed for healing damaged female energy within every man and woman. Every living being has female energy that has been displaced by their own birth. Whether you are 20, 40, 60 years old. Whether you recently birthed a child.

Families were meant to participate in supporting the baby and mother blend into the earth environment.

Earth is our womb. We all need to connect to it. Without it we do not have a life.

Friends and family took care of the running of the household. Prepare meals, cleaning, cooking etc.

This made time for her to bond to her baby and tend to their family

Whether you are man or woman - chances are; you did not have this start in life. Some indigeneous & polonesian cultures have this in place even now.

bonding needs. Husband was included in this bonding process.

Many relationship challenges may be due to the fact that we were never welcomed to this planet. We were just programmed to follow the tattus quo.

The baby was cared for because mother was cared for.

Tantra for Women as their baby is cared for while mother is cared

Some of these practices are provided by special services dedicated for Healing damaged female energy. Everything is provided to for the new mother. Or a catering service and housekeeper was available when the mother does not have support, or cannot afford to hire a specialist such as these.

For all of us we need to bond to this earth life.

Humans have forgotten the spirit and soul that comes with this birth.

Women were completely cared for by women in all cultures where women bonded as family. Tese days most of the birthing is done in a very sterile environment. What I mean by that is do the family and its natural and nurturing environment is absent . Therefore Healing damaged female energy is even more vital than ever before.

Women these days were themselves birthed without regard of the dramatic entry into this Tantra for women during pregnancy and following giving birth the woman had her meals preparednew environment; healing damaged female energy is necessary for both men and women.

In preparation for pregnancy, women treated their body like you would build up good soil for particular plant.

The spirit they were to bring into this world was honoured and welcomed into the family before conception. It was integrated as spirit before physical impregnation. Many families are struggling in communication with children because there was never communication with the spirit. What has been taken care of is the physical being. The spirit is not in your spiritual teachings - it is in you and in your family.

None of us were welcomed completely as an entire being at birth.In Hawaii the mother and baby were massaged continuously

When the child arrives, there needs to be a ceremony of acknowledgement of this spirit comming in to reside in the body and become part of earth environment.

Healing damaged female energy series is designed to heal this oversight.

In Asia.

It is not widey known that a woman was nurtured for at least a month after giving birth. She was bathed either by a what they referred to as confinement nanny 'with herbal infused bath".

This made time for her to bond to her baby and tend to their family bonding needs. Husband was included in this bonding process.

She was massaged daily to replenish her body and to produce the milk for the baby, that is now you. Meals are prepared for her according to her constitution and the demands of her environment. If there was any drain on her body during birth this is also addressed by nutrition, therapy and lifestyle support.

In Hawaii Healing damaged female energy was not necessary. They Tantra for Women in India baby was also massagedprepared for the birth and integrated with the baby throughout pregnancy.

In Hawaii women were massaged regularly pre and post birth, as well as the baby, they called that Lomi Lomi, or the high end of society received Kahuna massage. As well as massage the therapist prescribed herbs and special meals. Hands of healing love through Kundalini Tantra massage, or Kahuna massage that also activates the Kundalini to access regeneration of the body.

In India.

Both mother and baby receive massages during pregnancy and post natal cIndia Special food for the mother for the womanonfinement. The mothers abdomen was then bound to support the body to support muscles during pregnancy. This binding was kept in place as they regained their strength. Baby massage was essential. While the baby was massaged he/she absorbed it's surroundings. The odours, the air, the food, the new textures of this world. This world is a tremendous contrast to it before it entered the body of the mother. Then entry into the world is such a dramatic contrast to the fluid environment within the womb. Baby massage prepared the baby to love touch. Helping it bond with the earth element of human living. Special foods were prepared to strengthen the muscle tissue post birth and to strengthen the mother. These foods ensured the mother was not drained as she produced milk and the baby was receiving the best start to life.

Now days with demands of having to do it all ourselves; we are barely surviving.

Somehow we have survived. Yet very stressed, pushed to the limits and we do not even realise there is another way of living. Our beginnings have a tremendous influence on how we relate. This support was foundation of very happy people. How different is it in the western world, here the mother is taught to do all this herself in a few postnatal lessons. Way too soon, she has not even begun to reconnect with her body. Here the connection is felt by the tremor that begins within your body. You'll feel this level of connection empowering both the male and female energies, embracing both you & your partner.