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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Couples Relationship therapy to Endless Love the language of lovers. 

Discover the language of lovers.

When feelings of longing and belonging are heard, nurtured, followed, regarded & honoured are we truly satisfied. What everyone wants is feeling safety within their intimate relationship. Feeling the satisfaction of connection.         What each individual needs to begin to see is who they are in this world. How they fit into the environment they are surrounded by. This is not normal in our society. There are no representations of healthy relationships in the mainstream. In our couples relationship therapy we work on creating the life you both want. Room to be yourself completely. And how to accept different aspects of yourself and your partner.

We introduce energy balancing exercises that bring you closer right from the start.

In most relationships people just conform to a system. An expectation of machanica moves including diet, exercise, work and social and family relationships. So the couple continues to conform to established relationship patterns. This give no room to grow and to know the depth of living you can enjoy when you combine your energies. In couples relationship even after five ten or even fifty years people hide a great part of themselves. What this means is that you have never truly tasted a meal. Never really experienced a cellular orgasm. Never embraced your partner completely with your gaze. How could you if you do not know the feeling.

Personal dissatisfaction and how that affects every Couples Relationship. Watch how this unfolds in a session.

We begin with developing new levels of Trust.

Changing the way we touch is about placing attention on receiving the touch. It is only when you know the feeling of receiving that you can you give and explore completely. Ability to find that unique Connection with your partner is essential to healthy relationships and for your physical health as well as financial security. The biggest issues in most relationships are health issues. Most people are on some form of medication. These create blockages and separation. You cannot feel or hear each other when some chemical is running your life. You will learn how to move your energy to reconnect to life and everything you do as a couple. Bring your closer to who you are.

True Intimacy embraces all our senses.

When you connect with all the feelings all restrictions and resistance disappear and the issues of relationship and sexual difficulties melt in surrender to pleasures that nourish. Creating awareness to living in the ultimate relationship living fulfilling passionate and happy life of loving and trust. When you trust your energy you can begin to trust your life choices. In these hectic demanding times rarely do we find time for ourselves let alone for our significant other.

When you feel satisfaction with your own life, your relationships are strong.

You do not need to be in a relationship to have a relationship appointment. Understanding Concepts of your body supports us in attracting the right relationship. We need to prepare and reconnect with our own bodies. Explore Tantra pleasures to remind ourselves of feelings lost, then add new feelings we never knew existed.